Tore down the Nolix !

I had it almost complete, even had some trains running up it when I finally decided I didnt like the “Nolix” (spiral thingy). It took up way too much room of my lower deck eating up nearly half of the entire layout area for the sole purpose of getting from the lower deck to the upper deck. It just didnt turn out how I imagined it in my brain or on paper/visio. So rip rip rip off it goes … I’ve decided to either install a helix in the future to connect the decks, or leave the upper and lower decks unconnected. Either way I can now focus on the lower deck without worrying about how to get the trains up to the top. This also opened up a spot for my experimental module ! Being at about 6 inches higher then the deck I’ve set it up to use the first part of the ramp from the original nolix. I may still cut out some of the baseboard foam to lower it a bit.

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