Section 4 in progress

January has been good. 3 sections are track-complete and section 4 in progress. Electrical basework also in progress. I have a DCC and DC Buss wired with a PSX-AR1 reversing unit.

Section 3 is intresting, it has a back-to-back pair of 24/28 curved turnouts. Being in the corner of the first rise of the track leading to the second deck its going to be the base of a mountian scene with a trestle bridge in the background (tbd).

Section 4 contains 2 interesting pieces. It will contain a ‘drop under’ track to drop under the 6′ shelf layout I made last year. I am not going to complete this right now but rather just leave room for it and a turnout (which starts on section 3).

It also contains a custom crossing. This is a 75deg crossing where 2 24″ curves cross each other. This crossing I’m entirely hand-making without even an accurate plan (could find none), but some good ideas from friends on the net and of course FastTracks (www.handlaidtracks). Its turning out that a crossing seems to be about 4x harder then a turnout even though it has no moving parts. It has 4 “frogs” instead of 1 and 16 seperate flanges … none of which I have a “jig” for so have to hand cut, file, solder, and place.

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