Progress Continues

I’ve completed the basic track and wiring for the first section and started on the next.     This Christmas I have as week off and not much to do so I hope to make great progress.  I also got an incredible Christmas present, Could you belove a Broadway Limited Imports HO 2097 Centipede !!!!   The prototype is almost 90 feet long.   This is one huge engine from the peak of the early diseal erra (1943-1948).   I was never expecting  to run something this big but good thing I planned on min 24″ radius.   Although the current section has a fairly sharp turn out which I’m reworking.   Now that I have something huge like this to test with I can make sure atleast the mainlines will work, atleast 1 train at a time.

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Main deck benchwork complete

The main deck benchwork is largely complete.  I’ve updated the layout to show accurate measurements of the 8 sections and adjusted the layout slightly.  I expect now to put some work in

to redoing the layout diagrams to fit a better understanding of my workspace.

I’m also having a good time designing in 1:1 scale.   I’m cutting out template track pieces in cardboard and laying them out.  I get a lot better feel from that then lines on visio.

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Basic benchwork

Benchwork is proceeding.   Much trial and some error.   Here’s some shots of the benchwork being built.

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Begun Benchwork Construction

This weekend I begun benchwork construction. I’m following the design ideas from “How to Build Model Railrowad Benchwork” by Linn H. Westcott.

This will be primarily a “L-Lattice” open framework mostly attached to the wall (see 3D Model). Minimal attachments to the wall are ideal. I started putting up 6 foot pilasters (2″x2″) attached to studs every 3 studs with 5 3 1/2 ”

First step shown with Pilasters attached to the walls. Ideally nothing else will attach to the walls after this point, including backgrounds, or brackets for upper decks or lighting.

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3D Model

I’ve worked on a 3D model so I could visualize both the benchwork and the layout. This is particularly tricky for me while designing the “no-lix” grade track and figuring out how the benchwork would work in practice.

Constructing this model was both fun and educational. I’d advise anyone considering a larger layout to make a model. Its fun and helpful.

3D model in 1:16 scale of available room in basement

3D Model with 1st layer layout printed, cut out and layed over benchwork.

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Expanded Railway Planning phase near completion.

I’ve near completed planning my expanded railway. This will take up about 1/3 my basement approx 16″ x 18″.
This will be a multi-deck “around the wall” layout with a partial “no-lix” to get from the main deck to upper deck.

Here’s a first (discarded) attempt. Not shown are about 30 iterations before and after.

First attempt at layout design

Here’s a more complete nearly final plan for the main deck. Black rails are ‘on the flat’ … blue is a 2% grade going to the upper deck.

Plan #2 for mainlines.

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